What if?

What if we are these human receptacles housing souls that are on possibly infinite stages of evolution and life is basically a Super Mario game, a series of tests to reach the next level? Consciousness is one entity experiencing itself subjectively, a wise person named Bill Hicks once said.

What if this time around you’re the It Girl born into an ostensible life of ease on account of the material wealth that is your birthright? Perhaps you look at the drug addict who asks you for your loose change as you pass them on the street as an absolute alien creature: they disgust you because of their choices and, even if you didn’t have the luck of your forebears’ material fortune, you would never let yourself stoop so low. Disgusting.

Next time around, what if you’re the homeless drug addict? Perhaps your ‘choices’ started the day you first locked yourself in the bathroom of your family home and repeatedly punched yourself high up on your legs where no one would see the bruises. Making no sound because that was the problem in the first place: you were too visible, too audible and for this the punishments rained down. Hurting yourself gave you some relief from the waves of stifled pain, guilt and shame. The smack was just a more powerful painkiller, when it came along.

What if neither the It Girl nor the junkie is a ‘better’ human?

What if we’re all just atoms on this merrygoround Mushroom Kingdom they call Earth, bumbling through and maybe (but maybe not, this time around) hitting upon the reason for this incarnation, this existence, in the bigger scheme of our soul’s evolution?

What if Quantum Physics? What if Metaphysics? What if as within, so without? As above, so below?

What if you are me and I am you and we are all the child being sold on the streets of south-east Asia, the coke-snorting A-list movie star with the world at his feet *and* the barber in the small village who often wanders out and gives free haircuts to the homeless, the mentally ill, the fundamentally damaged?

What if ‘be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting an invisible battle’…


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