Pain is real, suffering is a choice: Cheers to hope

Meet Justin: Artist, punk rocker, ex-psychiatric patient, brother, son.

What is life you know? You’re lost in London, one way or another you’re a punk rocker

I know Justin through my job as a Housing First Worker at St Mungo’s, a homeless charity. (Housing First is quite a cool initiative, if you’re interested in the evolving methods of helping people entrenched in homeless services because of the complexity of their needs.) He moved into a rented flat in Islington in February following years of living in supported accommodation on account of his mental health experiences.

Justin hit the big five-oh in October and talked about this and other things when I interviewed him at his new gaff earlier this year for New View Project, a wee creative thingy my partner set up. See the schexy website for more, or have a goose at this snippet here.

I find Justin’s outlook uplifting and it’s appropriate that the final edit of his interview is ready to roll out now, in cold, dark November. Death Month. The month fittingly dedicated to men’s mental health by Huffington Post UK, whose big ting is to shine a light on people and communities coming up with solutions to the challenges thrown at them during their time on this terrifying, beautiful orb we call home.

Cheers to hope… cheers to all the Justins.



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